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We have all worked hard and raised our families with the hope for a better future... Today we risk losing what we have achieved because our elected officials just don't care anymore.
Anna Goral

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In early 2011, State of Illinois passed the largest tax hike in history. A whopping 66% increase in our state income tax. Representative Michael Zalewski was the key vote passing this tax hike - without his vote to raise taxes, it would have died.

Anna is committed and has pledged to oppose any and all income tax hikes. She hopes to win the election and be joined by other new legislators in order to roll the tax hike back.

Furthermore, she believes in cutting government waste, developing new state energy policies, improving our education system, putting the utilities on notice, eliminating the enormous lobbyists that coincide with government and most importantly creating and developing jobs.

We need to look at government like a business or corporation, in which, we the people, are the stockholders. If the people running our corporation are failing us, they need to be replaced.


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