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Anna opposes raising Illinois income tax. We are in the midst of a financial melt down. We cannot continue to raise income taxes of the middle class working family. Thanks to our elected officials in Springfield, the largest income tax in Illinois was passed in 2011. The tax hike, which begins in January of 2012 was passed without the Illinois House having any votes to spare. It needed to be voted to pass… the tax hike got exactly 60 votes. Not one to spare.

Anna wants to repeal that tax hike and balance the State budget with cutting out waste - not on the backs of working men and women.

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Jobs & the Economy

During these tough times jobs and the economy are the most important issues on the minds of Illinoisans. An extremely tough economy makes it difficult for small business to compete, grow and create jobs we so desperately need. Our families and communities have been hit hard by a declining economy, unemployment, and the rising cost of living and healthcare. Families are struggling, homeowners are losing their homes to foreclosures, and communities are torn apart. We must take immediate action to address these pressing issues.

As your State Representative, Anna will work with small businesses, large industries, non-profit groups, and communities to insure the government does its part to create jobs. Furthermore, she will fight, so that workers get the skills and training they need to get and retain a job. Anna wants struggling families to be provided with the social support while they endure hardship. Every family should be able to earn enough to raise their children, send them to school, own a home, and secure their retirement. She also believes that small businesses need to have an easier access to capital, less government regulations, and be provided with a simplified tax code so they can grow businesses and create jobs.

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Our state has a deficit of over $650 million. We all know the effects of this huge unsustainable financial obligation. The state is late on its underfunding to our schools and our social services providers. So what do our elected officials in Springfield do? Their insatiable appetite for spending is to "blame everyone else" for our current financial state. When anyone of us is facing financial problems, the first thing we do is stop spending or basically cut back and this is what Illinois should do. The next thing we need to do is replace all of these incumbent State Representatives who put us in this financial rut.

As your State Representative, Anna understands that a budget is about priorities, and our next year's budget is our opportunity to get it right. We can either start shaping our state's future or let it shape us. One time remedies simply will not get the job done. Anna will work hard to provide Illinoisans with an honest state budget, one that focuses on current needs, while still investing in our future. If we focus on innovation, efficiency, transparency, and sustainability, we can eliminate our massive debt, fund our liabilities, create more environment-friendly jobs, and provide financial security for tax payers.

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Political Reform

The corrupt abuse of every aspect of government in Illinois has never failed to astound me. Pay-to-play politics has a long history in Illinois, with 27 convicted politicians in the last 30 years. In order to get Illinois back on track, we need to take special interest out of politics. The lobbyists access and influence those who make the laws that affect your life. These lobbyists are working for corporations and special interests, which have their own agenda to pursue. That is why political reform that will restore the public's trust in our government must be on the top of the list of priorities for the next State Representative.

As your State Representative, Anna understands that our state will succeed only when we bring ethics back in our government and every public servant plays by the same rules. These are not democratic or republican values. These are American values, and we have to reclaim them. Anna wants to challenge all residents to be active participants in the political process through elections, activism and policy making programs, so politicians began to feel that they are being watched very closely and their days of "it pays to play" are coming to an end.

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Illinois schools must prepare our children for a tough and competitive future. We must provide them with a world class education if we want to preserve our leading role in global economy. Recognizing that improving Illinois schools is our top priority is a key element to our educational retooling.

Anna believes that proper funding needs to be put back into our schools. The future of our State rests in the children that we educate. There is no excuse for the recent funding cuts to many of Illinois school districts, especially while the budget has ballooned and spending has increased. Proper allocation of funds is the responsibility of State government and they have failed in this regard.

Also, Anna believes that even the worst schools improve if they have the right resources. We need to provide the principals with opportunity to create strong ties between the school, parents and the community. We need to retain good teachers and give them opportunities to improve their skills. We need to make our schools safe and centered on students needs.

As your State Representative, Anna understands that without open and transparent discussion between teachers, administration, parents, and politicians, we will keep raising generations of second class American citizens. She will work hard to ensure that students, teachers, parents are supported in every step and that every child has an equal opportunity to succeed in school, work and life. She will ensure that our schools get fair share of state funds and that all students have equal access to the resources to excel. Anna will work tirelessly to ensure that our educational system is a model for the 21st century.

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Politicians cannot continue to abuse the public trust. Some of them believe that "it pays to play". This past year both CBS and Fox News presented stories and news footage of campaign use of a Chicago Park District field house as a satellite political office of one of well-known Springfield politician. Maybe they believe that is how politics are played in Chicago but that is not how they are played in suburbia. I have written a letter asking to refrain from the use of any park district property in the future.

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